PORT BARRE, LA to BERWICK, LA (135 mile - three day event)

The Acadiana Amateur Radio Association, Inc. (AARA) of Lafayette, Louisiana will supply communications support for this event during the three day period of October 7 - 9, 2022. 


The AARA will also operate a Special Event Station from 1300Z - 2300Z each day of this event using the call sign W5DDL.  Planned frequencies are 7.260 - 7.265 MHz and 14.260 - 14.265 MHz (plus or minus QRM) for the different checkpoints along the 135 mile Bayou Teche in South Louisiana.

QSL Information: 

    To receive a QSL card please send a SASE to our W5DDL QSL manager:

    Chris Ancelet  N5MCY
    143 Breezeway Ct. 
    Egan, LA  70531

QSL Card:


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About the Races

Tour du Teche 135 - Races 1 - 7

Tour du Teche 135 is an annual race for canoes, kayaks, pirogues (the traditional Cajun canoe), and SUPs along the entire length of Bayou Teche in southwestern Louisiana, a total of 135 miles including small sections of Bayou Courtableau and the Atchafalaya River.  Its a three-day staged race beginning the first Friday in October.

There are two classes of Tour du Teche 135:   Pro Race, in which some of the fastest boats and paddlers from around the world vie for cash prizes; and Voyageur Race, or recreational, where the participants challenge themselves as well as each other for trophies, bragging rights and adventure. Voyageurs may opt for shorter races held in conjunction with Tour du Teche 135.

Tour du Teche 135 was begun in 2010 with the dual purpose of introducing the beautiful Teche Country to paddlers and other eco-tourists from beyond and to illustrate for its residents the recreational, aesthetic, cultural and economic value of Bayou Teche.  Since the races inception, these two groups, visitors and local folk, have met and mingled in happy expositions of music and cuisine that give Tour du Teche 135 its reputation as a moveable party as well as a tough series of paddle marathons.

Cest pas juste une course!

Race 1: Tour du Teche 135 - Friday thru Sunday
Port Barre, LA to Berwick, LA - 135 miles
Race 2: Crawfish - Friday
Port Barre, LA to Breaux Bridge, LA - 30 miles
Race 3: Acadian - Friday
Port Barre, LA to St. Martinville, LA - 49 miles
Race 4: Hot Sauce - Saturday
St. Martinville, LA to New Iberia, LA - 24 miles
Race 5: Sugar - Saturday
St. Martinville, LA to Franklin, LA - 59 miles
Race 6: Black Bear - Saturday
New Iberia, LA to Franklin, LA - 35 miles
Race 7: Oil & Gas - Sunday
Franklin, LA to Berwick, LA - 27 miles
Maps with locations, mileage, and coordinates.  Tour du Teche Website          The Teche Project


*** The Mobile Command Center will be located at checkpoints 3, 6 & 8

Check Pts.  Location
Friday October 7th
1 Arnaudville, LA
Myrans' Maison de Manger
1023 Neblett St
30 23' 42" N & 91 55' 50" W
2 Breaux Bridge, LA
Poche's Market &  Restaurant
3015 Main Hwy
30 18' 43" N & 91 54' 09" W
*** 3 St. Martinville, LA
  St. Martinville Festival Grounds
  30 07' 26" N & 91 49' 34" W

Saturday October 8th

4 New Iberia, LA
New Iberia City Park
30 00' 13" N & 91 48' 42" W
5 Charenton, LA
Chitimacha Boat Launch
3548 Chitimacha Trail
29 52' 59" N & 91 31' 44" W
*** 6 Franklin, LA
  Parc Sur La Teche
  2947' 30" N & 91 29' 55" W
Sunday October 9th
7 Patterson, LA   
Hayes Memorial Boat Launch
3015 Hwy 182 West
29 40' 47" N & 91 17' 32" W
*** 8 Berwick, LA
  Southwest Reef Lighthouse
  Atchafalaya River
  29 41' 38" N & 91 12' 58" W


Radio frequencies used for the Tour du Teche canoe race

The communications for the event will be handled on the two meter repeaters along the bayou route.  You may need to be prepared to switch between repeaters and select the best one at your site.  These are the repeaters we plan to use: 


Offset: PL Tone: Location:


Owner: Note:
146.820 - 103.5 Lafayette W5DDL Acadiana Amateur Radio Assoc. EchoLink Node: 370324
147.040 + 103.5 Duson W5EXI Acadiana Amateur Radio Assoc.
146.680 - 103.5 New Iberia K5ARA Iberia Parish OEP
147.120 + 103.5 Franklin W5BMC St. Mary Parish
146.910 -  None Morgan City W5BMC St. Mary Parish EchoLink Node: 507010

On Friday (Port Barre to St. Martinville) we will use the Lafayette W5DDL repeater.  The backup repeater will be the Duson W5EXI repeater.

On Saturday (St. Martinville to Franklin) the Lafayette W5DDL repeater will be linked via EchoLink to the Morgan City W5BMC repeater.  During that time, people should be able to report in on either repeater.  Optionally, the New Iberia K5ARA repeater (146.680 MHz - 103.5) can be used if unable to contact Franklin or Lafayette.

On Sunday (Franklin to Berwick) the Morgan City W5BMC repeater will be used to call in the results to the Command Center.

The Mobile Command Center may lose communications with some of the repeaters.  However, we do have a very good antenna on the command center, so we may be able to communicate directly with some of the checkpoints.  If that becomes necessary, we will transmit and monitor the national calling frequencies of 146.520 VHF simplex or 446.000 MHz UHF simplex.  We may then shift our frequency as required after making contact.

Be aware that the EchoLink exists and the repeaters may be used for normal amateur use so keep communications short.  You can batch results in 15 minute intervals if that works better for you.   As a last resort, you can call or text results to (337) 580-0714.  Text the boat number and official time.

If you have an external antenna, or even a ladder line J-POLE, you may want to bring it alone with enough coax to get it up in the air in case you have trouble contacting a repeater.

For additional information regarding the club's participation in the event please contact Tom Dischler W5OHJ at (337) 580-0714 or

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