[AARA] RS weather station on sale - can be used for APRS

Dave Redfearn n4elm at bellsouth.net
Tue Aug 30 20:34:53 EDT 2011

If anyone has been looking for a low cost weather station to interface to

I stumbled on the Radio Shack 63-256 Weather Station on in-store closeout
here in Lafayette.


A picture and brief description are here:



It is similar to the Oregon Scientific WMR-100.


Note that the wireless sensors transmit on 433 MHz.

I don't operate on 440 much so don't know if this will be an issue.



My APRS iGate station runs the UI-View software to route local APRS packets
to/from the Internet.


I installed the weather station and used the latest beta version of Cumulus
on the APRS PC to interface to the weather station and create the wxnow.txt
file that UI-View reads to create the WX packets.


The iGate/WX APRS station is running as N4ELM-2 and the measurements can be
seen online at aprs.fi or findu or directly off the air on 144.39.

This is still work-in-progress but appears to be working well. 



Dave Redfearn
ARS N4ELM  Lafayette, LA

QRL? de N4ELM/qrp 


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