[AARA] WTD: 1:1 balun for beam

Charles Morrison cmorrison at lusfiber.net
Mon Jun 27 22:47:00 CDT 2011

I find that DX Engineering makes some of the best antenna parts around:


If that's too expensive for you, here's a kit, make your own for under $20:


And I know you know this Dave, so this is just me being a smart***, wind one
out of your coax, its free:


BTW:  I've used nothing, an incorrectly wound air balun and a Texas Towers
1:1 Balun on my Force 12 2L Yagi, and haven't seen a difference in
performance, common mode currents in my shack or localized RFI between
either one of them.

I don't ground my equipment either.


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I'm looking for a 1:1 current balun for use on the 40 M rotatable dipole.


N or SO-239 female for the coax end and wire leads for the antenna end.


Dave Redfearn
ARS N4ELM  Lafayette, LA

QRL? de N4ELM/qrp 


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