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The AARA November 2011 Newsletter "LARC" is now on line at:
You can print it out in color.....Has the "Tour de Teche" Canoe Race 
articles.  A lot of hard work went into getting this issue out.
It is in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format.
The Acadiana Amateur Radio Association, Inc. (AARA) will hold the 
November General Meeting on Thursday, Nov. 6, at 7:00 PM
at the Red Cross Building, 101 N. Pat St., Scott, Louisiana.  A 
nominating committee will be selected for officers for the upcoming year.
*Refreshments (John W4C was scheduled to provide refreshments, however a 
new job came up and he will not be at the meeting, if anyone wants to 
volunteer to bring refreshments, please let me (Herman KN5GRK) 
know...and if you have door prizes bring them*.

A VE Test Session will be held prior to the General Meeting at 6:00 PM.

*Yaesu MH-1b8 Microphone for Sale*

I have a mobile Yaesu MH-1b8 mic. That came with my Yaesu FT-990 years ago.
Its' never been used, since I bought an MD-100 desk mic. at that time.
It has 1,2 Tone and Up, Down, Fast controls on the mic.
Will part with it for $20.00
Proj. Mgr./Sr.  Eng.  Specialist
311 South Philo Drive
Lafayette, Louisiana  70506
(337) 984-8972 (home)
(337) 278-8323 (cell)
pscallan at bellsouth.net
* Icom 751A For Sale*

  I have for sale an Icom 751A transceiver in like new condition.  [ too 
many radios ]
asking $800.00
Charlie Ives KE5OOA
504 523 5496
cives1 at cox.net
*Nationwide Emergency EAS Message Test*



ONLY A TEST.  On November 9, 2011, at 2 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST),
the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA) will conduct the first-ever nationwide test of
the Emergency Alert System (EAS).  At that time, an announcement will
come on every TV and radio channel indicating that the emergency alert
system has been activated.  Although the activation will include an
audio message indicating that this is a test, due to technical
limitations, a visual message indicating that "this is a test" may
not appear on every television channel, especially for cable
subscribers. For these reasons, the FCC and FEMA are taking extra steps
to educate the public, especially the deaf and hard of hearing, that
"This is only a test."  Please do not be alarmed when you see that
message.  You will not need to take any action.

WHAT IS THE EAS?  EAS alerts are sent over the radio or television
(broadcast, cable and satellite).  State and local emergency managers
use these alerts to notify the public about emergencies and weather
events, such as tornadoes and hurricanes.  The EAS can also be used to
send an alert across the United States if there is a national
emergency.  It is common for state and local EAS tests to occur on a
monthly and weekly basis, respectively, but there has never been a test
of the nationwide EAS alert on all broadcast, cable and satellite radio
and television systems at the same time.

WHY A TEST?  The purpose of the test is to assess how well the EAS can
alert the public during certain national emergencies.  Although the FCC
and FEMA are taking steps to ensure that everyone has access to
announcements made during the test, some people watching cable
television (as well as some others) may receive only an audio (not a
visual) notice that this is a test.  The FCC and FEMA want to make
consumers aware of the test so that they understand that this is only a
test and that there is no real emergency.  The November 9th test will
help ensure that the EAS will work if public safety officials ever need
to send an alert or warning to the entire country or to a large region
of the United States.
nationwide EAS test on November 9th may be similar to other EAS tests
that you see monthly except that those are localized tests.  Such tests
include an audio EAS tone and a visual message indicating that "This
is a test of the Emergency Alerting System."  The November 9th
nationwide EAS test will last a little longer--about 3 minutes.  In
addition, as explained above, due to technical limitations, a visual
message indicating that "this is a test" may not appear on every
television channel, especially for cable subscribers.  That is why the
FCC and FEMA are educating the public, including the deaf and hard of
hearing, that this is just a test.
For more information about how this EAS test may affect you, please
visit: www.fcc.gov/nationwideEAStest.
*Amateur Radio Special Event @ Maritime Museum San Diego*

The oldest active sailing ship in the world, the Barque Star of India,
using call sign NS6IO Mobile, will sail in the San Diego area to
celebrate her 148th birthday on Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th
of November. She will be accompanied by the HMS Surprise, also
operating using the call sign NS6OI Mobile. HMS Surprise is a sailing
replica of the 20 gun British Navy Frigate HMS Rose circa 1757.

Star of India, initially named EUTERPE, was completed in the Ramsey
Shipyard, Isle of Man, in November of 1863. She sailed around the world
several times carrying cargo and passengers. She was renamed Star of
India in 1902 when she joined the Alaska Trading Association carrying
cannery workers and cargo from Oakland, CA to canneries in the Bering
Sea and returning to Oakland with canned salmon. The Star of India was
brought to San Diego in 1926, was restored over several decades and
became the flagship of the Maritime Museum San Diego in early 1970s.
HMS Surprise was used for filming the 2003 movie "Master and Commander:
The Far Side of the World", starring Russell Crowe.

Homepage of MMSD is http://www.sdmaritime.org/.

Amateur radio operations each day (12th and 13th November will be as

Star of India - - 1600Z until 2300Z
20 Meters SSB 14275KHz(+/-), alternating every 2 hours with CW on
14035KHz (+/-)
10 Meters SSB 28350KHz (+/-), alternating every 2 hours with CW on
28025KHz (+/-)
2 Meters & 70 CM VHF & UHF FM, alternating between major repeaters in
Southern California

HMS Surprise - -     1600Z until 2300Z
20 Meters SSB 14265KHz (+/-)
10 Meters SSB 28375KHz (+/-)
2 Meters & 70 CM VHF & UHF FM, alternating between major repeaters in
Southern California

Note: There will be only one operator on duty per vessel each day, so
there will be no capability for simo operations on different modes and
bands. We ask for your patience because of the expected operator
workload and possible occasions of mal de mer on the part of our
landlubber radio crew.
Propagation conditions permitting, we plan to alternate operations
between 20M and 10M, and stick with whichever band is propagating the
best. If the ships venture into international waters, we will append
the suffix "/Maritime Mobile" to NS6OI and indicate which of the ships
is transmitting.

NS6OI QSL cards will be sent to stations which provide their QSL card
and a SASE.
The mailing address for QSL cards is:
Star of India Amateur Radio Club/NS6OI
1492 Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101
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