[AARA] For Sale: G5RV, TH7DX, Yaesu Rotor, & more

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Wed Sep 14 20:42:17 CDT 2011

      K5PR, Chuck sent this e-mail and asked if I
could help him get the word out on the sale of
his antenna.
      Can you get the word out for him.?

      Often interests change with the passing of time.  Well, as you 
know, my interests in amateur radio has changed to another.
      Therefore I have some items that perhaps you would be so kind as 
to spread the word around to the guys that you are with in daily contact.
      I will put up my G5RV to use for the little "on the air" contacts 
that I would do.
      I would like to sell my TH7DX, a top 10' section of G25 tower with 
bearing top and a Yaesu  G1000SDX rotor (new) with control box and 100' 
of rotor cable. All manuals are available.
      The only drawback, for anyone that would like to purchase the 
"package", they would have to climb the tower to get the antenna.
      I would like $650 for the package.
      Hopefully someone that does a lot more in radio with a lot less 
would like to upgrade.
      Let me know if you think the price is about right.
k5pr at cox.net
Charles V Lanza



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