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The October 2012 issue of the Acadiana Amateur Radio Association, Inc. 
(AARA) newsletter "*/LARC/*" is now on-line for your reading
pleasure or printing in color in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format.  It and past 
issues can be found at:
Hard copies are in the mail.

*AARA General Meeting*
Date:  Thursday October 4, 2012
Time:  7:00 PM Central
Location:  Red Cross Building, 101 N. Pat Street, Scott, Louisiana
Sandy KE5KJF will give a update on the Tour du Teche Canoe Race Event, 
so if you are going to be a part of this event, do
try to attend.
VE Testing:  6:00 PM just prior to General Meeting.  Bring photo ID, 
CSCE's, and $15.00 test fee.


Jackie Price, KA5LMZ will be operating a Special Event Station 
celebrating opening day of Elk Season from Queen, New Mexico on Saturday
October 6th from 1600 to 2200 UTC on the frequencies of 14.255 MHz or 
7.255 MHz +/- QRM.

FYI, Queen is up in the mountains out from Carlsbad, about 60 miles 
away, in the Guadalupe Mountains, semi desert, middle of nowhere.
She will operate from the Queen Cafe, possibly the front porch or at the 
side of the cafe.  If that does not pan out, my friends with the Queen 
Volunteer Fire Department have already offered the use of the fire 
station, which is right next door to the cafe. Now, keep in mind, this 
is what I am supposed to be practicing for every Field Day, out in the 
middle of nowhere, maybe one or two trees for antennas, if I am lucky.  
Only thing, I will have commercial
power, if it doesn't go out!

It sure would be fun to talk to any of you back here in the Bayou Country.
73 and thanks,
Morgan City "BEARS"

Greetings colleagues:

In almost two months of operation I can tell you we've moved 49 formal 
messages, and assisted with a hand full or so of
in-formals such as schedules, etc.  Will tabulate some more hard numbers 
November 1 for those interested, as that will be 3
months into the project.

*As of October 1, that Monday evening local time we'll shift operating 
time back an hour to 0200Z.  When time changes to ****
**standard we'll remain commencing ops at 9:00 p.m. central time.  
Frequency is shifting to 3845 KHz.  please pass this **
**on to your folks if you're within central area. *

Some of the traffic we've moved has been from folks who did not find 
outlets on regular cycle 4 nets and brought it to
us for either movement via ntsd or to be moved further alogn during 
daytime cycles.

Procedures etc. have been refined a bit as well, so we're making 
progress in most areas.  We could still use some net
control ops however.  Net controls further north within regions 9 and 10 
would be very helpful.  If you or someone
you know is interested have them make contact with me via this email 

Richard Webb, NF5B


  National Simulated Emergency Test Oct 6-7 2012

Check out this website for more information:


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