[AARA] Ham Items For Sale

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Thu Jul 18 19:47:20 CDT 2013

  Ham Items For Sale

Alliance HD-73-1 heavy duty rotor with control unit, 75 foot of rotor cable,
owner's manual. Norm's rotor service did overhaul this rotor in like new
condition 5-years ago. Works great, asking $160.00 top price. "Great buy"
Call Glenn, PH# 832-1861, "WA5LEP"
Alpha-Delta, DX-EE, 40/20/15/10 meter dipole, 40 ft overall.
This antenna was never used, still in the box. Asking $60.00 top price.
Call Glenn, PH# 832-1861  "WA5LEP"
Model# MFJ-949D, In like new condition with manual  300 watts
Asking $70.00
Call Glenn, PH# 832-1861 "WA5LEP"
NEW Orleans area
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