[AARA] More Ham Items for Sale

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Jul 23 07:06:02 CDT 2013

*Ham Items for Sale*

150 ft. of Rohn 25g tower , mild to moderate surface rust, on most 
sections, a few cutoff or defective sections, good for setting in 
concrete. 1 top section.  No firm prices given until sections are viewed 
as prices vary with condition of  of sections  ( high pressure washer 
willremove 90% of most surface rust)
  $50 - $80 per section   -  No Haggling over price !!!
Spaulding (pre-Rohn) HDX-40, 40 ft. free standing tower.  Medium /Heavy 
surface rust (high pressure washer will remove 90% of most surface 
rust).  Good for VHF/UHF antennas or small HF yagi.
Yaesu, FT-221 2m all-mode with Yaesu ext. digital display, with cables,  
mic and manual
Regency 18 amp. power supply - freshly rebuilt, $85.00
2 each  /  Standard - commercial Hi-Band 10 channel, mobile radios - 
programmed with Ham  frequencies.   $50.00 each.  (will program with 
your choice of repeater pairs).
2 each  /  Motorola Radius -M120  2 channel UHF mobile radios, 
programmed with Ham frequencies. $50.00 each. (will program with your 
repeater pairs).
2 each  /  DB-201(DB Products)  - Half wave folded loop  vertical ground 
plane antennas.
$75.00 each.  (tuned for 6 meters - modified to be adjustable)
1 each  /  Cushcraft  147-11 2m FM beam.  $100.00
1 each  /  Motorola # 71504A - UHF duplexers w/ cables - currently tuned 
for 461 - 466 mhz
$400.00 (negotiable)   (these will tune down to Ham  requencies for 
repeater use)
Cushcraft - A3S / HF tri-bander yagi  -  new SS screws in traps and new 
SS clamps on all tubing
$200.00.( tuned for Phone portion of the band)
*/TYRONE J. BURNS SR. - (Amateur Radio Station - N5XES)

cell:  985-687-2139/*

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