[AARA] WX4NHC Letter

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sat Jun 1 15:00:51 CDT 2013

*Hello Fellow Ham Radio Operators,*

In cooperation with the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida, and 
WX4NHC, we are asking for your
assistance during the Hurricane Season.

The most important role amateur radio plays in hurricanes is to gather 
and relay information to the National
Hurricane Center's Amateur Radio Station WX4NHC.

While there are mechanisms to do this, we are always looking for more 
assistance in this vital job. You could
be the only station in the impacted area and your Eye Witness Reports or 
measured data, if you have a
weather station, could be critical to the forecasters. You could be the 
only station hearing some other ham
calling with a report or needing assistance in a dangerous situation 
they are in. Also, you could play the
important role in translating a Ham's report into a language that we 
So as you can see, everyone has a part they can play.

WX4NHC on 14.325 MHz is a frequency that you should always monitor 
during a hurricane. More information
can be found at www.wx4nhc.org
This frequency is maintained for hurricanes by the Hurricane Watch Net 

The VoIP Hurricane Net utilizes Echolink and IRLP to link stations 
together over the internet. When HF
propagation is not good, sometimes this is the only way information 
reaches WX4NHC.
EchoLink Conference Room is WX-Talk (Node 7203) and IRLP Node is 9219.
More information can be found at www.voipwx.net

We ask you for your support and assistance anytime the Hurricane Watch 
Net, VoIP Hurricane Net, and
WX4NHC are active.

The part you may play may save someone's life!
Reflector Manager's Note:
We use The English language here......the Spanish and French version of 
this letter was deleted.

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