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The AARA September 2014 newsletter LARC and  past issues are online at:


and attached to this message.

They may be printed out or viewed in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format in color. 
The hard copies was put in the mail
at 1700 Sunday due to the fact that Monday is Labor Day and the copy 
machine at the Salvation Army is out
of service so I had to do them on my personal printer.
The Acadiana Amateur Radio Association, Inc. (AARA) will have their 
September General Meeting this Thursday, September 4
at 7 PM at the Red Cross building, 101 N. Pat St., Scott, LA.

*Digital Modes using FLDIGI Software*
At our Sept. 4th club meeting, Glen KF5FNP and Mark W5GTI, will go into 
the more advanced FLDIGI and FLMSG set-up. So bring your CHARGED UP 
laptops with these programs downloaded and installed.
Time permitting, Mark and I will have a 2 meter FLDIGI/FLMSG 
demonstration showing how FLMSG works, using built in forms for ICS, Red 
Cross, Salvation Army, MARS, Radiogram, Weather, etc.

Please try to attend this meeting and take part in our club activities.

VE Testing will be at 6 PM.
** **

Have a safe Labor Day

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