[AARA] 30 March 2014 Dirt Bike Event at Forest Hill, La

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Mar 10 12:58:02 CDT 2014

Hello Folks:

We are now only about two (2) weeks away from the Forest Hill Dirt Bike event which will take place at Forest Hill, La on Sunday 30 March 2014.  It is time now for us to get the list of Ham Radio Operator participants for this event firmed up.  Sam Yanz (KF7YQC) is the one coordinating this event for ARCCLA.  I am going to attempt to help Sam by pulling in as many Hams as I can to help man the road crossings and check points.  With this in mind, I offer the following:

MARK HOLCOMB (KE5HSW) - Looking for you to be present to function as Net Control Operator at our Ham Radio NCS area.

JOHN INGRAM (W5JRI) -  Looking for your presence to help at the distant check points and road crossings since you have such a strong radio transmitter system in your vehicle.

SCOTT WREN (KD5DFL) - Looking for you since you are the Rapides EC and also DEC for surrounding parishes.  Scott during this event each of us need to format and transmit at least one or two formal messages using the ARRL RADIOGRAM or else the FEMA FORM 213 (Your Choice On This).  Several of our ops will certainly need this training and this will be one of your best opportunities at providing this training.  Please make sure you bring enough forms to pass to the participants and then they could be turned in to you at our "Event Debriefing".

JIM MOLAN (KD5IGG) - Jim I'd like to see you at this event just to ride around with me since you and I most often ride together to various events and also because we always find so very much to talk about.

SAM YANZ (KF7YQC) - You had a list of several ops you were counting on being present.  An additional operator that I have
been on the phone with is ANTHONY SAVANT (KE5YXZ) who lives in Kinder, La.  Anthony has indicated that he will be present at Forest Hill provided something doesn't spring up at the last moment which would require his presence elsewhere.  There are others which I would contact for you if I had current E-Mail addresses and phone numbers.  Please send me a list of those ops which have said that they will definitely be there.  More later.

HERMAN CAMPBELL (KN5GRK):  Please provide the date of 30 March 2014 to those hams that are in the Lafayette area and
who you feel might be interested in participating in the Forest Hill Dirt Bike Riders event and ask for inputs.  Those interested my E-Mail me at ( ( ( ( ( (jimbookter at cox.net    ) ) ) ) ) ).  They may also call me at ( ( (   Cell # 337-344-1725  ) ) ) with their info.  I will foward any inputs I get onto SAM (KF7YXZ).  Participants will need to be in place at the event location no later than
about 7:30 AM on Sunday 30 March 2014.  More detailed info will be forwarded to participants after a firm list of interested
participants is formed up.  We are looking for those who say they will certainly be there and not just a list of people who say
they might be there.  Thank You & More later.

Jim (N5NVP)
Cell # 337-344-1725

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