[AARA] Looking for a 3-500Z Tube

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Fri Mar 21 07:19:32 CDT 2014

Hello everyone, I am looking for a used Eimac 3-500Z tube to run with 
another already used tube in an old amplifier.  If you have one that is 
at least 75 percent or better on output that would be great.

  I would also consider purchasing a set of decent 3-500Z tubes (any 
brand) that are closed to being matched if someone has a pair they would 
like to sell.

Please contact me at my work or cell number below or by return email at 
david.pate at dexcopolymers.com <mailto:david.pate at dexcopolymers.com>


David Pate N5PDA

(*(225) 309-0196 -WK*

(*(225) 939-7502-Cell*

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