[AARA] Generator

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Thu Mar 27 18:29:43 CDT 2014

Right before the ham fest I had you post to see if anyone would want a 
great deal a New Generator that's never been used well I have been 
getting calls telling me i'm out of my mind that they can go to lowes or 
home Depot and get one for hafe well I have one that you can not compare 
with these cheep generators so I have found a guy that has bought it 
telling me that he has been lookinh for a generator like this for a 
while for his brother has one just like it and he has never had no 
problem but them cheep ones at lowes hes burned up 4 of them so I have 
sold it and the buyer told me I had a very fair price so if you can 
please let ever one know its been sold for I am still getting calls and 
thant you so much

deanydextreme at aol.com
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