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Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sun May 11 20:55:12 CDT 2014

Hi Folks,
     Time is getting close and we are now working up a schedule for 
those interested in working W1AW/5 LA from the Louisiana end. We will 
need to activate multiple modes, primarily CW, SSB and RTTY, but others 
may be a nice addition. Propagation permitting, we need to provide 
contacts on as many bands as possible, 160 through vhf or higher. Our 
operation starts on June 4, and runs 24/7 for a full week. The pileups, 
particularly the first couple of days, are usually pretty serious, so we 
need some really good ops at the start. While we expect many contesters 
to step up to run the pile-ups, this is not limited to LCC members, so 
please pass the word to others who you think would like to run as 
W1AW/5. We will need folks who can run during the daytime when many are 
at work, as well as late in the evening/night.

     This IS a directed operation and not a chance to just get on and 
use the W1AW call. Those interested PLEASE contact me direct at 
*<mycall> at <mycall> dot com.* Let me know your preferred mode and what 
time or times you could be available (RTTY - daily noon to 5pm; SSB or 
CW-6p-10p only, etc). Depending on level of participation, we'll 
probably set things up in two hour shifts, and would prefer to change 
ops each shift, but an op could simply change bands or modes (if the 
slot is open) if they feel they could go more than 2 hours. We want 
everyone to get as much operating time as they want, but also want to 
allow as many as possible to operate. If you have a station that can run 
M/2 or M/M, and would like to host others who may be unable to operate 
from home, PLEASE let me know. Once we get some responses, I'll post 
some tentative schedules and get something on the web site. Just let me 
know your favorite mode and times and I'll start filling the schedule.

Thanks and 73,
Mark, K5ER
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