[AARA] Sign-up for W1AW/5 LA

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Fri Nov 14 08:14:34 CST 2014

Hi Guys,
Its now less than two weeks from our second turn as W1AW/5 LA. 
Scott,W5WZ, is the official coordinator, and I will be assisting. Our 
week starts at 00:00Z on Wednesday Nov 26 (6 PM Tuesday Nov 25 local) 
and runs for one week. Last time, we had 34 operators participating from 
27 stations. We made 28714 Qso's - 12,358 ssb, 11,263 cw, and 5093 rtty. 
During our first week, we kept the schedule on a spreadsheet and updated 
the web site about 6 times per day. While better than some, it made 
tracking quick band changes and those wanting to operate SO2R pretty 
difficult to keep up with.

For our second week, we have incorporated a very nice, totally 
interactive web based schedule. You will now be able to set your own one 
hour time slots! There is a link from the www.N5LCC.com 
<http://www.n5lcc.com/> page, or you can simple bookmark 
www.w5wz.com/w1aw <http://www.w5wz.com/w1aw> . The world will be able to 
see when and where we have operators scheduled. If you would like to 
operate, please take time to review the "SCHEDULE Guidelines" and also 
the "OPERATING Guidelines - Stations in Louisiana" links . To keep 
others from changing anything, you MUST be registered to log on to the 
schedule page and choose slots. Registration info is at the very top of 
the Schedule Guidelines document. Info on suggested logging software, 
what to log, what exchange to give, how and where to turn in your log 
and more is in the guidelines. Answers to virtually any question about 
operating the event should be found in the documents, and there is an 
email link should you need additional help.

Checking the calendar, our week spans not only Thanksgiving, but also 
the CQ WW CW contest. Verifying with League and Contest officials, since 
our operation will be from multiple locations across the state, we will 
NOT meet the "Station Location" description - "All transmitters and 
receivers must be within a single 500-meter diameter circle" rule.   
Because of this, we will NOT be able to turn in a log to the contest 
sponsor - not even as a checklog. Operators could, however, schedule a 
slot(s) during the contest and take part in the contest as a "casual 
participant" and enjoy some nice rates. Please contact me if you have 
any questions.

Most states are posting higher numbers for their second W1AW/x week, and 
Scott has set a goal of 40,000. We can do it, but *_we need 
operators._*  We need participants during the day, as well as peak 
evening hours. We need people on the WARC bands as well as the regular 
bands, and we need VHF and Satellite operators as well as HF activity. 
Its not hard, especially if you enjoy running a pile-up with the most 
recognized callsign on the planet. Please check the web site, read the 
guidelines, register, then log on and schedule some slots so you can get 
on and operate.

Mark, K5ER
k5er at k5er.com
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