[AARA] ICOM 7700 For Sale $4200 + Shipping

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Fri Nov 21 19:47:20 CST 2014

* ICOM 7700 For Sale*

The Icom is serial # 020481 bought new from HRO.. Non smoker.. No issues 
I am aware of.. Still has the plastic on the lcd screen.. Bought 4/2010 
and on 7/2010  Icom @ Belleview, WA paid the freight to correct the VFO 
encoder grounding that was missing on ALL 7700s. It was again checked 
out and met all factory specs- I have all paperwork. Nothing ever went 
wrong, it was more a preventative fix the JA engineers forgot.
I would accept $4200+ shipping or they can wait till Dayton and I will 
lug it along..  I have all the original stuff- handles, boxes etc. 
Shipping weight is 83 Lbs or so , all boxed up..
Pretty much used only to drive the Alpha 9500 with <50 watts but will 
give full 200w.
Steve, WF2S
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