[AARA] [DFWcontest] 580ft 55G Towers and Ford 8N Tractor for sale

Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Apr 6 17:31:38 CDT 2015

We are finally getting around to second phase of selling contest station 
tower stuff before the summer heat moves in.
Up for sale are towers, guy brackets, rotating side mounts, tapered 
bottom sections, top plates, rotor plates, beacon plates, torque arm
stabilizers, fiberglass guys, grips, turnbuckles, shackles, thimbles, 
feedlines, rotors and stackmatches.

*And, a 1951 Ford 8N tractor with brush hog and landscape box implements!*

As of this writing, all of the large 10m thru 20m monoband yagis are 
sold. The 40m Moxon and Cushcraft X7 are for still sale.

The towers, the way they stand today. Each tower utilizes a tapered pier 
pin base section and I think most of them have top plates.

40m - 140ft 55G
20m - 100ft 55G
15m - 130ft 55G
10m - 100ft 55G
Mult - 60ft 55G

50ft of 55G fully assembled and laying on ground.

(12) GA55GD guy brackets
(4) APL-55G (or BPL-55G?) Top plates
(3) AS455G Rotor plates
(7) rotating side mounts
(8) TB3 bearings
(approx 3000-4000ft) 3/8" fiberglass guys with big grips. Ends of each 
guy have 10-20ft EHS with shackles, thimbles, turnbbuckles etc.
Rotors are a combination of prop-pitch and m2 2800 Orions.
(4) Green Heron Controllers and (4) Orion controllers
Have several Array Solutions Stack Matches and one (or 2?) SixPak's
Each tower has LDF5 7/8" and LDF4 1/2" Andrews hardline installed in 3" 
PVC underground to each tower. Approx 1200ft of each cable available.

And tons and tons of new and used antenna construction stuff.
NEW => 24ft x 3" x 3/16" booms; galv thimbles, galv ubolts & galv 
shackles; copper ground rods, 3" x 3" x 1/4" alum angle
USED == > 2" masts, think there is one chromally, and some smaller steel 
ones, misc 1/2" to 2" tubing
95-99%% of a full-size 3 elem 40m yagi (was the 40m beam at the old LSI 

Will try to get a unit price listing available shortly.Quantities listed 
for the parts and pieces may be off one or two.

Willing to discuss various pricing options related to who takes down, 
dismantles, packs, ships etc. Best pricing available to larger qty 
QTH is 60mi NE of Dallas.

Please contact either of us via email at KC5FU2015 (at) gmail.com 


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