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This is the complete article on Frank Musso, WA5QHV.  The family will be 
at the Church of the Assumption Saturday morning beginning at 10:30am 
and the funeral mass will begin at
Please click on the link above for the entire information, then please 
take a few minutes to read the comments that have been posted.  Frank 
must have been a most wonderful teacher as expressed by so many people 
who have written to his family.
For those of us who have known Frank for many years as a ham operator, 
we had no idea of his intense involvement in the school system.  But, 
reading all these words about Frank, it much better explains him to us.  
We are very fortunate to have known him.
Reading the comments from friends and former students, it explains the 
action he took in 1998.  Frank started doing research on hams who were 
silent keys.  In 2002, Frank published a booklet listing all silent keys 
from ST. Mary and surrounding parishes, and he and the club sponsored a 
beautiful ceremony held at Atkinson Memorial Presbyterian Church.  Many 
families of deceased hams attended, and everyone appreciated Frank's 
efforts.  It seemed this was his mission, to recognize those hams who 
had been active members in the community and to publicly recognize them 
for their efforts..
In this booklet, Frank listed "The Amateur's Code."  An amateur
  is *gentlemanly*, he is *progressive*, he is *friendly*, he is 
*balanced* and *patriotic*.
To end the ceremony, the thoughts expressed by the guests, Rev. C. F. 
Smith of Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church and Judge Edward Leonard of the 
16th Judicial District, and those members and family members, Frank 
printed "The Silent Key."
Briefly, "there is someone....who provides assistance of great worth."
"The amateur operator is always on call...."
"The amateur radio service is service in deed...."
"When the storms of nature take their toll."
"They would stay on the air, lending a hand...."
"Seldom, to the ear, were they thankfully greeted...."
"Never seeking payment...."
"For thus is the life of the radio amateur
"But, alas, when their life is over and no more,....may God Bless the 
memory of this now
*/Silent Key./*"
Thanks, Frank, for being the person you were, it was an honor to know 
you as a ham and as a friend.

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