[AARA] Estate of Jim Carmody NN5O Items for sale

Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Feb 3 13:01:17 CST 2015

If you are interested in any of these items contact Steve W9DX, e-mail
*cougar70 at **earthlink.net* <http://earthlink.net/>

de Paul W5PF

*Okay guys, here's what is left.  Let me know what you want.  I can 
bring items to the next TDXS meeting, or arrange to meet somewhere.*
*Please feel free to cross-post this to other reflectors (BVARC, NARS, 
etc).  Will consider reasonable offers.*

*_From the estate of Jim Carmody NN5O_*


1.*Flex-6300 SDR radio with automatic tuner unit*New price: $2800.Mint 
condition, like new.For more info see: 

2.*Yaesu FT-897 transceiver with LDG AT-897 Plus antenna tuner*. With 
manuals and plastic carry case.Offered at $999.

3.*Arrow II Satellite Antenna Model 146/437-10*with carry bag.(This was 
the handheld antenna that Jim used successfully many years at Field 
Day). New price $83.See: 
http://www.arrowantennas.com/arrowii/146-437.htmlOffered at $50.

*4.**Heil (BM-10?)*lightweight headset with boom mic (with DX HC-4 
element), needs new foam for earpieces.New price $130.Offered at 
$50.(The hard to find HC-4 DX mic element is worth that alone).**

5.*Icom T7H*dual band 5w (2m/70cm) handie-talkie.Value $100, offered at $85.

6.*MFJ-890 DX Beacon Monitor*.New price was $120.Specs: 
http://www.mfjenterprises.com/Product.php?productid=MFJ-890Offered at $70.

7.*Yaesu ATAS-120*, 40m-70cm automatic antenna with heavy duty mobile 
lip mount (Diamond K-400 type).New price was around $300. Needs 
repair.W0EAJ repairs them.Price: only $75.

8.*Galterm digital multimeter*with probes.Offered at $10

9.*MFJ-4125, 25 amp switching power supply*(new price $84.95). Specs: 
at $60)

10.*Helping hand magnifier with clips*(handy item for the workbench) New 
in the package (new price was $10)Offered at $5.00

11.*Yaesu FT-60R handie-talkie*, 2m/70cm + wide band coverage, 5 
in production.New price was $150.Offered at $90.

12.*Rigblaster Nomic*, rig/soundcard interface with manual (new price 
more info.Offered at $35.

13.*Flanagan Neurophone DSP*(no longer in production).See 

14.*Dell model M-109F*"On the Go" miniature projector, Offered at $100 OBO.

15.*LDG model Z-100 mobile Memory tuner*, 1.8-54 MHz, 125 watts (30w on 
PSK).New price: $160.For more info see: 
http://www.ldgelectronics.com/c/252/products/17/49/1Offered at $120.

16.*HLA-300*160-10m solid state amplifier (new price was $380). Input 
2-15w, output 300w max.Made in Italy.For more details see: 

17.*G4TPH ML-40 High Power magnetic loop antenna*.See: 
price approx $225.Offered at $125.00.

18.*Amtron HW-20m*mobile ham whip (4' 3/8" fiberglass and 4ft SS whip). 
Offered at $20.

19.*Two Outbacker Perth*mobile antennas with wander lead (10-80m), plus 
three ProAm ham sticks for 15m 20m, and 40m all in a PVC carry case. 
See: http://outbackerantennas.com/products.html.Offered at $150 for the lot.

20.*Large super heavy duty 4 magnet antenna mount*.Will easily handle 
hamsticks or Outbacker type antennas at highway speeds.Value $150. 
Offered at $75.Pix available.

*21.**Heil GM-4 Goldline microphone with Heil CB-1 PTT mic stand*and 
cables for Yaesu.Price: $150.**

22.*MFJ-915 common mode/RF isolator*, 1.8-30 MHz.New price: $30.Offered 
at $15.Specs: http://www.mfjenterprises.com/Product.php?productid=MFJ-915

23.*MFJ (564B?) iambic dual paddle key*, black base.New price $70.Specs: 
http://www.mfjenterprises.com/Product.php?productid=MFJ-564BOffered at $35.

24.Many boxes of miscellaneous parts, cables, connectors, mounting 
brackets, power cables.Make offers.

25.Lot of miscellaneous antenna whips, coils, and CB antenna (new).Make 

26.Tool box with dividers, full of miscellaneous parts, cables, 
connectors, etc.

27.*Clear Speech Base Noise Filter*.EHam reviews: 
http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/2447New price $150.Offered at $70.

28.*Gamma Hybrid Power Supply*.100-264v Input, 13.4v DC output, 1 
amp.Price $5.

29.*Dell laptop power supply*, 100-240v input, 19.5v out.Model PA-2E 
family.Price: $5.

30.*MFJ-1979, 16.9 ft extra long stainless steel telescoping 
http://www.mfjenterprises.com/Product.php?productid=MFJ-1979.New price: 
$59.95, offered at $30.

31.*Dynex DX-NW080 tripod*and carry case.Price: $20.

32.*Velbon VGB-328BC tripod*.Price: $20.


All items are subject prior sale, and are offered in AS-IS 
condition.Pictures for most items are available, just ask.*__*

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