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Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Thu Feb 26 07:46:10 CST 2015

Hi All...doing some re-arranging at the NQ4I station...the following is 
now for sale:
1. A pair of Telrex 40 meter 329 yagis...the antenna is a 29 foot 3 in 
dia. boom and weighs approximately 120 lbs. It is a band opener and band 
closer. I have two of them. $300 for one, or $500 for two...that is a 
really sweet price for a really rugged 40 m yagi.

2. Henry Amp-Henry 3K-A for sale...this amp came with a pair of 3-500Z's 
and I had KD3P (who currently is a consultant to Henry) to convert this 
amp to a single 8877. The amp has better intermod chracteristics and 
requires lower drive power for 1500 watts than the 3-500Z version. This 
amp is contest proven...it will run 1500 watts all weekend long and not 
miss a beat. It weighs approximately 160 pounds and takes two full grown 
men to move it. If you have ever wanted a Henry and the reliability that 
comes with it then here is your chance. $2000 cash .

3. MicroHam Micro Keyers....I have 4 extra and would like to pass them 
along...They are excellent ways to interface with your radio and the 
computer and a logging program...$150 with interface cables...they 
require a DB25 cable to connect to your radio. I have the FT1000MP, the 
FT1000D, The TenTec Orion, the K3, and Icom cables available for an 
additional $50. So for $200 you will have everything necessary to 
connect the radio and computer and do rtty, cw and ssb.

4. W2IHY 8 band equalizer and EQ Plus....one of the finest combinations 
of audio processing equipment on the market. bargain price $375 for both 

5. Swan WM-3000 wattmeters....reliable and accurate..$75 ea.

6. TenTec Orion 565- $1700 with or $1350 with out filters...these radios 
are bullet proof..they are excellent on ssb or cw...fully filtered there 
are few radios that top them!

All items are local pick up...I will be putting this stuff on qth.com 
<http://qth.com/>at higher prices..these are the SECC good ole boy 
prices... can be demonstrated at your convenience...thanks.

de Rick NQ4I

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