[AARA] Ham Gear for Sale

Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sat Mar 14 17:49:37 CDT 2015

     Dear Mr. Campbell

     i have several pcs of gear i wood like to sell and whatever i dont 
sell i will bring to the ham fest what iformation do you want are need

2 - rf harris 103 amps with manual  asis one is parts minus rolor 
inductor,tube , and chimmny
      the other was tested and repaired years ago in a marine 
electronics shop and was sapose to be good and they put it aside if the 
needed it to be install are to replace a broken one i have never powerd 
it up it ways 275lb each and the size of mini fridge im asking $1,000 
for both and buyer picks it up or i can drop off for more monie i also 
have the service manuals with all scamtics for the 103, 102 also the 
tuner that wood have went with it that i donot have.

1- jrc nrd-1el receiver tested it works but needs to be cleaned and 
tuned the nedel and glass on meter is missing and on small dial above 
the knob im asking $800 no manual as is

1 - sba 1200 sideband ass. amp 1000 watt amp 120 volt for parts looks 
mostly complete no schismatic are manual
      as is  $300

1- super skyrider hellicrafters inc , asis missing one tube.  $200

1- collins MM-1 $30 as is

1- Ts-510A/u rf generator nucular electronics corp    as is $100

every thing is as is, no you some one is interested they can call me 
anthony hollier( kg5ees) (985)519-3233, my wife angela (985) 232 0889 
email anthony.hollier08 at gmail.com and we live in houma louisiana i am 
willing n diliverring close to us withine a couple of hours and monie. 
no price is solid every thing is nagoshable sorry for spelling the 
spelling errors any questions contact me

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