[AARA] AARA Hamfest Table Items & Flyer

Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Mar 16 08:30:09 CDT 2015

The below is a small sample of items that will be available at the AARA 
Hamfest. March 20 & 30.
This list is only from 7 or 8 people and that there will be much more to 
see and buy. at the Hamfest.

  * Ameritron AL-811H like new
  * Handheld dual band with accessories
  * power supply
  * antenna traps
  * computer parts
  * rotator
  * antennas
  * misc. parts
  * Heathkit amplifier and supply
  * Handmade wood signs
  * Kenwood HF transceivers
  * Kenwood 2m and 2m/440 handhelds
  * Icom HF transceivers
  * Drake HF equipment (receivers, transmitters, transceivers, remote vfo)
  * Hammerlund HF equipment
  * Various connectors and test equipment
  * Rechargeable batteries and chargers
  * Solar panels and equipment
  * Coax cable
  * General coverage receivers
  * Tubes
  * Heat Shrink tubing
  * RF connectors
  * Portable pole masts and rope
  * Computers

4 Days Away 

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