Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sun Aug 21 06:17:02 CDT 2016

Day 7

The Louisiana Amateur Radio Emergency Service's response to the Great 
Louisiana Flood of 2016 has come to and end. All ARES Operators have 
been deactivated and released.

As the American Red Cross transitions in the next few days from response 
to recovery, they are asking for volunteers to assist with 
communications for the Disaster Assessment Teams. There will not be an 
ARES response. However, anyone who wishes to continue to assist may do 
so, coordinating directly through the Red Cross.

We will be putting together one After Action Report and FSD-157. All 
DECs _MUST_ submit to me and Matt KD5KNZ a report of activity for their 
region, along with all man-hours accounted for. DO NOT use the form on 
the website, send us a written report in an email. There will be a 
DEC/ADEC Conference call either this week or next to de-brief the event.

I cannot express to you all how much I appreciate all of the support.

kd5leh at laarrl.org
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