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Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Aug 30 16:53:59 CDT 2016


Mosely MP-33NW WARC High Power Beam

4 el., 5 Band (Rot. Dia. On 12 & 17M)
Longest El. = 27’
Boom = 12’
Weight 29#
c/w Yaesu G-450A Rotator and Control Box, RG-8 Coax
and Control Cable, with Tri-Ex MW-50, 51’ Crank-up tower
with tilt over base and winch.
Need help taking down. All for *$750.00*

Paul D. Scallan, Sr.
Senior Eng. Specialist (Ret.)
311 So. Philo Drive
Lafayette, LA 70506
Tel: (337)278-8323
E-MaIl: pscallan at bellsouth.net



I still have a few antennas that are on the ground or ready to take 
down...prices are:
1. 8 el 20 m 90 ft boom...$1600
2. 8 el 15m 60 ft booms ....$600 each
3. 7 el 10m 48 ft booms .....$400 ea
4. 6 el 15m 36 ft boom ....$200
5. 5 el 10m 25 ft booms ...$150 ea.

I have Ham III/IV rotors...$150.....Ham T2X rotors...$250 Yaesu 2800 

I will have soon a K7NV prop pitch motor and Msquared controller...will 
turn any antenna...$1000

Also...Yaseu wattmeters...$124......Microham controllers...$150 
...microham cables for Yaesu, TenTec Orion,Icom, and K3 ...$45 ea.

An Alpha 8410 amp...very clean shape and condition...pair of 4cx1000a 
tubes..legal limit with
30-40 watts of drive...$3500 firm price.

Hundreds of feet of hardline cables...50 ohm and 75 ohm...the 50 ohm 
cables are roughly 200 ft in length...$150 ea ...you will need to make 
or procure your own connectors. 75 ohm I have two pieces that are 300 ft 
roughly...$60 ft each..I will show you how to construct a home made 
connector that is better than most commercial models...

Also available is a TenTec Orion 565AT...has the internal antenna 
tuner...with all filter slots filled. This is the most bang for the buck 
radio on the market...$1200

much more call me 678-595-6235
*de Rick
**Telephone: 678-595-6235*
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