[AARA] Henry 2K For Sale

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sat Dec 10 07:31:05 CST 2016

*I have a Henry 2K I would like to sell to someone who will make good 
use of it ie DXing , contesting...  It was made in the 1961-1965 era.  I 
came originally with 3-400 tubes but those have been changed to 3-500 
tubes.  It will make 1000 watts output on most bands with maybe 75-80 
watts of drive. *
*It is a floor model and here is a link to a picture 
*It is heavy.  It weighs around 155 lbs.*
*It covers 80-10, no 160 but I have used it on 12 and 17 meters.  On 12 
and 17 the output is not as much as it has a tuned input for each band.  
You just put the band switch on the next highest band ie 12 M uses the 
10 M position.  I would like to get $400 and hopefully there is a 
budding contester that needs an amp. *
*I can demo at my QTH in Douglasville.*
*73 Mike K4PI
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