[AARA] AARA Hamfest Forum Updates

Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Mar 8 14:17:08 CST 2016

There have been some last minute changes to the AARA Hamfest forum 
schedules - here they are.


*Saturday, March 12, 2016  Forums*

*(Forums to be held in the Green  Room - See Map 
<http://www.w5ddl.org/hamfest/festmap.htm> -Times and Position subject 
to change).*

Green Room 1
0830 - 0930 ARRL - Ed Hudgens WB4RHQ Delta Division Vice Director & 
Keith Barnes W5KB Assistant
                             Director Delta Division
1000 - 1100      LA ARES - Jim Molan KD5IGG, Scott Wren KD5DFL & Matt 
Anderson KD5KNZ
1130 - 1230 Louisiana Council of Amateur Radio Clubs - Matt Anderson KD5KNZ

*Green Room 2*
0830 - 0930 AMSAT - Nick Pugh K5QXJ
1000 - 1100    DXing - 10 Lessons learned from both ends of the pile up 
- Mike Corey KI1U
1130 - 1300 Louisiana Contest Club - Marsh Stewart KA5M

Bingo Room
1230 - til        DXpedition to South Sandwich VP8STI and South Georgia 
VP8SGI - David Assaf III W5XU

*FISH BOWL*  (Glass Room at rear of Hamfest Building at back parking lot 
- *See Map <http://www.w5ddl.org/hamfest/festmap.htm>*).
0900 - 1030   VE Testing - Greg Dolan K5LFT - Please bring copies of 
your FCC license, CSCE's, plus $15.00 cash or
check.  No copy machines on site.

AARA 56th Annual Hamfest - Rayne, Louisiana  March 11 & 12, 2016

We are proud to announce that David  Assaf III W5XU, who was one of the 
members of the DXpedition to South Sandwich VP8STI and South Georgia 
VP8SGI, will be giving a forum at our hamfest Saturday, March 12. This 
will be the FIRST hamfest presentation covering this DXpedition 
(http://www.intepid-dx.com/vp8/index.php) to the South Pole. Come to our 
hamfest and hear firsthand how David W5XU and the rest of the team 
risked life and limb so HAM Operators could log these rare contacts. 
Because David W5XU has many personal stories to share and hundreds of 
photographs, this will be the last forum of the day.

Some hams and vendors have requested permission to put firearms related 
items on their tables. The City of Rayne is allowing this. Expect to see 
holsters, scopes, reloading supplies, gun cases, stocks, ammo cans, 
parts and other firearm related items on vendor tables. In addition to 
some individual tables having items, we have two vendors with tables. 
Essential Arms (http://www.essentialarms.com/) who specializes in AR-15 
parts and accessories and Landry Guns (http://www.landryguns.com/)who is 
a Class 3 dealer. _*Just be clear that *__*NO FIREARMS*__*are allowed in 
the building. Just firearm related items only.

*AARA Hamfest Website: http://www.w5ddl.org/hamfest

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