[AARA] HF Gear for sale

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Apr 17 19:56:33 CDT 2017

Due to my full time RV living life style I need more room so...
HF Ham Gear For Sale

*Ameritron AL-82 Linear Amplifier*
*$1,300 Purchased cost was $2,600*

Like new condition with two 3-500Z tubes
Works fine and puts out full legal power plus more
Lightly used and never used in contests never arc'ed either!
for 240 VAC
See link for more details

*Hunter Bandit 1KW Linear Amplifier*

Needs repair but in decent shape- missing one of the four 572B tubes. 
The remaining 3 Tubes are a only 3 years old and only used 6 months.
2,400 DC plate voltage from strong, heavy AC Transformer!
Should be simple to repair- high plate voltage found on RF INPUT. 
Shorted door bell DC blocking cap?
Was working on 80-10 meter bands. 60-75 watts of drive = 1000 watts RF 
Power output or more. Wired for 240 VAC.
This amp has no input circuit but a small antenna tuner between HF radio 
and amplifier will tune amp fine. Note is repair project can be LETHAL. 
Seller not responsible for any injuries! Original manual included!

*ICOM 751 HF Radio*

Due to the problem with the amplifier noted above, this GREAT radio 
suffered damage and is also in need of repair. Know problem includes, no 
RF output on in any mode. Should be easy to fix, given your talent. Come 
with stock hand mic.

All reasonable offers will be considered. Items located in Abbeville, 
Louisiana. No shipping due to heavy weight of transformers. Contact me 
for more info.

Contact info:
John North KF5UMC
Ph 954 204 8737
johnpnorth at yahoo.com

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