[AARA] Ham Nation on Youth Link!

Roland Guidry rguidry at na5q.us
Sat Jan 7 11:53:13 CST 2017

In reference to the message I sent, KA5AHS family of hams in Atlanta, TX
uses our Echolink on Thursday nights to join the youth net. Check out their
web page www.ka6ahs.org section

"There are no nets currently hosted on the Rabbit Repeater, but the radio
rabbits frequently connect the rabbit repeater to the following nets on a
regular basis:

Youth Net - Thursday Nights: 7pm CST 
EchoLink Node #759629 W5DDL repeater, New Iberia, Louisiana"

The father Jerry Goodson, W5BFF is very active and comes from a very ham
friendly family.

Just thought you all would want to know, FYI!

73 de Roland NA5Q

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Just viewed the Ham Nation link:
https://twit.tv/shows/ham-nation/episodes/281?autostart=false and with 1
minute remaining on the video AE5DW talks about the Lafayette, LA. Youth Net
on W5DDL Echo link on Thursday's with Abbi and Kendra. 


Nice publicity. 


73, de Roland NA5Q

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