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Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sun Nov 19 15:46:50 CST 2017

Good morning - I am cleaning out the shack and down-sizing... a couple 
of items for sale, and if you would send them out to your list I would 
be grateful.

Heathkit SB-220 amplifier, 80-10 meters.  Good for a KW out, although a 
bit less on 12 meters... tuning is touchy on WARC bands for these amps.  
There is a standby switch on the front panel, and a soft-start module 
installed but it is otherwise stock, as far as I can tell.  I can't ship 
it, too heavy and would require removing the tubes and transformer. I'm 
located near Hattiesburg, MS.  I would be willing to drive an hour or so 
with it.  Asking $600 or best reasonable offer.

Palstar AT2K legal-limit tuner.  Excellent condition, tunes just about 
anything.  I think I have the original box for this, so I am willing to 
ship.  Asking $300 or best reasonable offer.

Pictures on request or if you are nearby, stop over and see them.

73 de Chuck, WS1L


Chuck Chandler
chandlerusm at gmail.com
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