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See note below as to anyone interested in the Youth CW Academy (ages 11 
to 19) by the CW Ops club.

If you know of anyone licensed in this group maybe let them know


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    Youth CW Academy update

        Sat Nov 25, 2017 2:23 pm (PST) . Posted by:

      <mailto:k6rb58 at gmail.com?subject=Re%3A%20Youth%20CW%20Academy%20update>

The signup list is open for Youth CW Academy. There is still lots of 
room. The list closes on December 15 to give us time to contact all the 
applicants and assign them to their advisors. So, please, if you have 
someone in mind for the program, DO IT NOW.

We are looking for signups between the ages of 11 and 19 who are already 
licensed – Tech, Gen or Extra. The first course will be a Level 1 that 
gets them from scratch to 15 wpm or faster – using headcopy skills – by 
the end of eight weeks. They are also coached in how to make QSOs on HF 
CW so that when the course is over, they are ready to hit the ground 

To signup, I need an email with header “Youth CW Academy” and the 
following info:

Name (first, last)
Callsign and license class
Telephone number
Time Zone (e.g. EST, CST, MST or PST)

When the lists close, we will reach out to each applicant, personally, 
to get them ready to go. The course will begin in January 2018 on the 
first Monday or Tuesday of the month and continue, weekly, through the 
end of February (8 weeks). Daily assignments (six days a week) take 
between 20 and 30 minutes per day. Students will meet with advisors, 
online, two afternoons or evenings per week – to be arranged.

Emails should go directly to me k6rb58 at gmail.com .

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