[AARA] For Sale: Icom-7600

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sat Jan 13 07:11:51 CST 2018

*For Sale: Icom-7600

*Mint condition, with MARS/CAP out of band mods. *
*Seller will pay shipping anywhere in the continental *
*USA or you can pickup *in North Carolina, grid EM85sh, **
**at a reduced price. **
*Asking $1850.*
*Contact Bob – W4RYF at arrl .net*

*Icom 7600 for sale - W4RYF (1)

*Contact Bob direct at **W4RYF at arrl.net <mailto:W4RYF at arrl.net>*
*Asking $1850.*
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