[AARA] MARS/Ham interop exercise Oct. 24-26 2018

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Thu Oct 4 13:22:53 CDT 2018


EmComm hams,

Here is a good chance to practice your EmComm skills.  This MARS 
exercise gives you a chance to work MARS members on 60 meters, receive 
DOD MARS Nation wide broadcast, and practice giving the status of your 
parish to MARS members.  See county status report and SWEAT-MSO in 
attachment for details on information MARS stations will be asking you for.

Below is from the ARRL website:

    MARS Members to Support Defense Department Radio Communication
    Readiness Exercise


Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) members will support a Department 
of Defense HF radio communication exercise *October 24 – 26*. The 
readiness exercise will test the ability to communicate via voice and 
military standard communication protocols, simulating the loss of 
conventional communication systems. MARS members will interface with the 
Amateur Radio community to collect information at the county level 
regarding publicly available information.

*Amateur Radio operators are asked to monitor 60-meter channel 1 
(5,330.5 kHz, USB) at 0001 UTC on October 24, for a high-power broadcast 
of updated information regarding this exercise and how the Amateur Radio 
community can participate.*

During the exercise, MARS members will communicate with Amateur Radio 
operators on *all five 60-meter channels*, as well as on other Amateur 
Radio bands. *Contact* <mailto:mars.exercises at gmail.com> MARS for more 
information regarding this exercise. As a simulation, this exercise will 
not affect any public or private communications or infrastructure. The 
exercise will end at 2359 UTC on October 26.

Additionally, MARS members will participate in the HF automatic link 
establishment (ALE) on-the-air exercise taking place October 12 – 22.



LA Region 4


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