[AARA] W9DYV Amateur Radio Symposium - Part of the Slidell Hamfest

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sun Jul 7 06:34:18 CDT 2019

W9DYV Amateur Radio Symposium

One of my friends just received your notice about the Slidell Hamfest, 
but didn’t see any mention about the companion W9DYV Amateur Radio 
Symposium.  Wes Schum (W9DYV-SK) was the founder of Central Electronics 
which was the first company to bring single-sideband technology and 
products to amateur radio.  The Symposium is held each year in his honor.

Presentations will be given on a wide range of topics – from restoring 
vintage radio equipment to SDR technology.  It is being held on both 
Friday July 19^th and Saturday July 20^th and is located the La Quinta 
Hotel in Slidell.  Bob Heil (Heil Sound) and many others are part of the 
Symposium.  Bob will also be speaking at the Slidell fest.  As noted on 
the Ozone ARC website (www.w5sla.net <http://www.w5sla.net>), 
information about the W9DYV Radio Symposium can be found at 
www.ce-multiphase.com <http://www.ce-multiphase.com> and the forum 
schedule is attached.  The Symposium is free but the event is 
open-seating so *get there early!*

See the attached and please distribute, if you will.

73 -- Nick Tusa  K5EF

75757 Highway 1082

Covington, LA 70435

985-249-6467 Office

504-400-8873 Mobile

www.tusaconsulting.com <http://www.tusaconsulting.com>

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