[AARA] For Sale: 2 TenTec Omni VIIs, Model 588AT both need repairs

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon May 13 18:29:31 CDT 2019





For sale, 2 TenTec Omni VIIs.  Both have all RX filters, both have 
antenna tuners, both need various repairs.

Rig 1 has the ceramic if filters with the whisker problem, won’t pass TX 
power unless they are disabled.  Also, this rig was involved in a nearby 
lightning strike.  It appears as though the attenuator circuit was 
damaged by the looks of the burned resistors in that area of the board.  
Also, the attenuator doesn’t work when enaged. Otherwise it appears to 
work normally, the screen is fine and it has minimal scratches.

Rig 2 works fine except for a warm up period for unknown reasons.  I’ve 
isolated it to the area where the signal arrives on the main IF board 
from the tuner section of the radio.  When the rig is first powered on, 
signals are several db low.  After a 5-10 minute warmup, the receiver 
will function normally.  TX is not affected.  I’ve also managed to speed 
up the process immediately by blowing a warm hair dryer on that area of 
the main board, which causes the RX to immediately return to normal.  
Otherwise, this rig works normally.

Would like to sell both for $1500 but will negotiate on one or both. 
Photo’s available upon request.

Charlie N5WE


cmorrison at lusfiber.net

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