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Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Thu Jun 11 09:35:04 CDT 2020

For sale:
Used MFJ998 1.5KW antenna tuner. This in-the shack version 
"intellituner" can hook to the control wire from your radio and you 
won't need to clobber the DX frequency while tuning up (after being 
"taught" the tuning for the antenna). Radio interface cable for your 
modern radio is available from MFJ. There is a protective interlock to 
save the amplifier. Included is a downloaded manual. $375.00 plus shipping.

Heathkit SB410 transmitter repaired / recapped / realigned during 
quarantine. Full power on CW. No 80 meter Crystal. Keying relay 
installed to protect your solid-state keyer. Needs high-output 
microphone. With manuals.
Horrible paint job on case and panel needs touch-up (I am not a painter) 
$75.00 plus shipping

National NC-98 receiver with downloaded manual, recapped and realigned 
during quarantine. Upper band (15 to 40 MC) weak reception. $50.00 plus 

For pictures upon request Contact:
Pat Hamel W5THT
pehamel at cableone.net <mailto:pehamel at cableone.net>
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