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    *Folks: *

    Many of you are familiar with the W5RU call sign as well as my own. 
    I have been active in contesting since 2007 and I'm now in the
    process of downsizing my contest station due to recent events. 
    Everything is available for sale.  All equipment is functioning 100%
    and in high-grade condition. If in the area, call to come
    view/pickup or I can ship. Also willing to meet halfway within 6-8
    hours driving distance (radius of 400 miles).  Some prices are
    negotiable.  Buyer pays for shipping. _Detailed pictures available
    upon request for serious buyers.__
    Just for completeness, as is very typical of the YAESU FT-1000 MkV
    field, the display may or may not develop a slight turn-on delay,
    but does not affect the operation of the radio.  If this bothers
    you, it is easily fixed by installing a $75 upgraded display from
    WA4GEG.  Personally it never bothered me.

    I have other smaller items too numerous to mention, so ask me if you
    are curious or come by to see it.  (We are COVID 19 free, but I ask
    you wear a mask anyway :-))

    I have three towers, two are motorized (86' and 70') and one is
    manual (72').  I'm not planning on selling these, but my arm can be
    twisted if the right price came along.  You would be responsible for
    taking them down.

    This equipment has been well maintained in a non-smoking
    environment.  I've taken pride in my station and Dallas K1DW can
    testify to this as he has used this equipment when we would contest

    You can contact me at the address on *QRZ.com <http://QRZ.com>* or
    PH *985-871-1731* or PH *504-358-9601 *or email *KN5O at BELLSOUTH.NET
    <mailto:KN5O at BELLSOUTH.NET>*

    *For the Collins Collectors out there*:  I have one (if not the very
    last one) of the KWM2-A transceivers made along with the PM-2 power
    supply and a matching 30L1 amplifier.  They have the
    Rockwell/Collins emblem and come with the Samsonite luggage
    suitcases.  I purchased these items directly from Rockwell/Collins
    in 1980 for over $10,000 for a former company of mine.  They were
    custom built as they were out of production then.  I'm in the
    process of restoring these units as they have been in storage for
    nearly 35 years.  Inquire if you are a collector and seriously
    interested.  If you know of a collector, have them contact me.

    **Equipment and prices for immediate sale are as follows:*


          * *ALPHA 8410 *amplifier with two 4CX1500A equivalent tubes -
          * *ALPHA 99SX* amplifier with special Peter 1 DXpedition
            memorial plate (only a handful made for it) - *$3295 *- a
            true and nearly unique operators/collectors item.
          * *ALPHA 89* amplifier - *$2695*
          * *TenTec Centurion* (with pair of 3-500z) - *$1200* (will put
            out 1500W on 160M-15M and 1300W out on 12M-10M) -
            exceptional clean amp.
          * *D**ra**ke L-4B Modified**for 6M *- *$950* (will put out
            1100 W CW/SSB and 400W continous FT8) - no ugly conversion
            here - can't tell it has been modified unless you look inside.


          * *(4 total) YAESU FT-1000 MKv **field* - 100W all mode XCVR,
            and *2 independent receivers* - top notch for working DX
            split - has complete filter complement (2.4kHz, 2.0kHz,
            500Hz, 250Hz, plus roofing filters) plus much more - *$1000*
            each - your pick.
          * *ICOM 756 PRO III - *100W all-mode XCVR - *$500*

        *ANTENNAs and Stuff:*

          * *JK WARC SENIOR* - BRAND NEW (Still in the boxes) - 3 el
            30M, 4 el 17M and 5 el 12M on 30ft boom - purchased for
            $2795 - *Make offer*
          * *M2 Antennas Model 20M4 * - BRAND NEW (Still in the boxes)
            -  OWA 4 el 20M on 35 ft boom - Purchased for $1100 -*Make
          * *Hy-Gain HAM IV rotator with controller *- serviced 2 years
            ago by Norms rotor service - *$350*
          * *Glenn Martin HAZER and mast for Rohn 25 *- Buy the hazer
            and mast and get 40+ ft of Rohn 25 tower thrown in the
            package - *$275*
          * *HI-Z 4 SQUARE RCV ARRAY* *w/Antennas* - Controller, amps,
            cables and antennas, complete -*$595*
          * *HI-Z Triangular RCV ARRAY w/Antennas *- Controller, amps,
            and antennas - *$395*
          * *COMTEK 80M 4-SQ ARRAY Controller - *four square xmitting
            combiner and controller, complete - *$350*
          * *Mosley 2N6 antenna - *4 el on 6M and 5 el on 2M, military
            version and built like a tank.  New it is $698 - *$200*


          * *(4 TOTAL) DAIWA Wattmeters - *Model 801CN - *$95* each
          * *NCC-1 *- DXEngineering RCVR antenna phasing unit - great
            for 160-40M - can provide up to an additional 3dB gain on
            receiving with like antennas - helped me add significant
            country count on 160M - *$350*
          * *(4 Total) Array Solutions Bandmaster *- works with Yaesu or
            other Xcvrs to sense band and switch external devices such
            as filter banks, etc. - *$100* each
          * *(4 Total) - DUNESTAR Model 600 - 160/80/40/20/15/10
            switchable bandpass filters* - works with the Array
            Solutions Bandmaster controller to automatically switch the
            bandpass. - *$395* each
          * *(3 Total) Array Solutions (WX0B) Stackmatch - *with
            controllers *- $195* each
          * *Heathkit HO-10 Monitor Scope *- *$95*
          * *(3 Total) West Mountain Radio RIGBLASTER PRO w/cables*
            -*$95* each
          * *(3 TOTAl) Top Ten DX Doublers* - works with just about any
            two radios, a must for SO2R.  Have the USB converter to go
            with it.  -*$150* each w/converter

        *MISCELLANEOUS not priced (inquire if any interest):*

          * *1/2" Heliax*
          * *Bird Wattmeter and slugs*
          * *Baofeng - UV-5R radios*
          * *Yaesu 2M radio*
          * *Dummy Loads*
          * *etc, etc, etc.*

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