[AARA] For Sale - Alinco R8T Receiver & MFJ 993BRT Remote Tuner

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Jun 22 20:51:19 CDT 2020

                                For Sale - MFJ 993BRT Remote Tuner.*
This is an MFJ-993BRT, 300 Watt, remote tuner with an MFJ-4117 bias-T, 
DC power injector.
It is an automatic tuner powered by 12 Vdc that that can be injected on 
the feedline by the
bias-T for remote operation, or applied directly to the unit for 
non-remote (in the shack)
operation. It will match 6 to 1600 Ohms and operates from 1.8 MHz to 30 
MHz. The unit
has heavy-duty 16 Amp, 1000 Volt relays. The tuner is housed in a 
weather-resistant outdoor
enclosure. All you do is apply RF power to the unit, and it initiates 
the tuning sequence.
The unit was used once for remote testing of an antenna project I was 
working on, and it
is in perfect condition.
This unit is $300 new. Asking $200 picked up.

**                                          For Sale - Alinco R8T Receiver*
Little used 2 year old R8T receiver. Digital 150 kHz to 35 MHz general 
coverage receiver with
4-level RF preamp and attenuator, IF-shift, RIT, selectable IF 
bandwidth, noise blanker, 600
  memory positions, scanning capability, and I/Q output to interface to 
3rd party panadapter
  software. Comes in the factory packing with all the original materials 
included. In like new
condition. This unit is still in production for $400 new.
Will take $275 picked up.

*Contact Rod Breaux  W5OIM **
**rod.breaux at gmail.com **
**or call 337-984-7003*
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