[AARA] AARA July 2020 Update

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Jun 29 10:29:32 CDT 2020

July 2020 AARA General Club Briefing

Good day everyone,

I wanted to continue to share as much information as possible during 
these uncertain times, and I appreciate everyone’s continued support as 
it is important for the AARA to stay as connected as possible.  I hope 
everyone is doing well as Louisiana slowly returns to a sense of normalcy.

June 2020 Field Day:

We all understand that with the current state of affairs, many folks 
were unable to attend the AARA Field Day on June 27^th and 28^th .  We 
also respect the decisions that many of you chose for this event.  
Whether you operated from home or attended the AARA Field day, I am 
certain that everyone made several contacts across the USA.  The AARA 
would like to extend a special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Steve Webre for 
allowing their property to be transformed into an antenna farm for the 
24-hour event.  It was an absolute pleasure to set up in a low noise 
area and gain some additional function from your portable set up.

Overall the event was a success and we had a great turnout of over 25 
people.  When you combine Friends, Food, & Fellowship, you will always 
have a winning combination.  We were spared by rain showers even though 
we had a few rumbles of thunder in the distance – we were not, however, 
spared from the heat and humidity.

We are looking forward to future club events and we certainly hope to 
see you there.

Veteran’s Day Special Event Station:

As of June 29, 2020, this event is still being viewed as a possible 
cancellation.  Due to the COVID virus, the Veteran’s facility has been 
keeping a close eye on visitation and at this point there is no end in 
sight.  The staff has informed me that in the event they begin to relax 
the visitation restrictions, they will let us know because our presence 
is a big hit with the residents.

July 2020 General Club Meeting:

We will be hosting the July General Club Net on Thursday July 2^nd on 
the air.  Please join us as we will begin taking early check-ins 
beginning at 6:30 PM until the start of the net.  This will expedite 
time spent checking in and allow time for a Field Day recap and general 
club information.

*_147.040 MHz  + 0.600 PL 103.5  W5EXI

Chris Ancelet
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