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ralph.frye ralph.frye at lusfiber.net
Sun Mar 28 10:07:18 CDT 2021

I checked and there is only 35feet  oy tower.Also there is a 25 amp power supply. Also available is a 40/80 meter copper-clad steel dipole and a 30 foot push-up.Moving and need to get rid of all by May 1.Sent from Samsung tablet
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        55 ft. of Rohn
          20G tower
        Rotor and
          controller (with wire)
        Cushcraft A3
        Cushcraft 215WB
          2M beam
        AEA Isopole
        At least 3
          sections of RG8 coax (about 70” Each)
        Kenwood TS440S
          HF rig
        B&W Model
          VS300A antenna tuner
        Kantronica All
          Mode (25+ years old)
        Icon 2AT hand
        Ralph Frye,
        ralph.frye at lusfiber.net
        (Located in South
          West Lafayette, LA)

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