[AARA] tower project

Carlos Ingram carlosing at hughes.net
Wed Dec 1 15:00:08 EST 2010

1.  I don't know about question one.

2.  I tried using stainless bolts but found they sometimes would seize 
before tight.  I believe you could use a antiseize compound and they will 
work. Stainless is not as strong as regular bolts and galvanized are not 
that strong either as they are grade 2 or cap screws.  I used regular grade 
5 zinc plated bolts and have had no trouble with them.  They should last as 
long as the tower and are cheaper.  Stainless U bolts can be found at a 
place like Construction Bolts as we have here in Monroe.

3. W5WZ has Phillystrand on his 116 foot 55G tower. You might check with 
him:  http://www.w5wz.com/

Carlos, KB5YEG

> I have a couple of days off next week and despite the uncertain weather, 
> I'm
> going to try and restart my tower project and have a few questions that
> someone in the club maybe able to answer:
> 1. Does anyone have specific information on tower height limitations
> or restrictions in the city or parish for Lafayette or a contact number to
> find out the regulations?
> 2. I'm looking for 6 tower leg bolts and 2 U-bolts (for the house
> bracket) for Rohn 25G.
> 3. Has anyone used Phillystran for guys?
> 73,
> Dave Redfearn
> ARS N4ELM Lafayette, LA
> QRL? de N4ELM/qrp 

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