[AARA] Help Boy Scout Troops

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Dec 6 21:00:21 EST 2010

Dear Fellow Ham Radio Operator,
I know each of you has a list of people who you normally send 
information, newsletters, want ads, etc. to.  Would you please include 
this message the next time you have something to send out to your list 
We in Morgan City at the BEARS, are getting ready to work with two Boy 
Scout troops after January 1.  In October, one of our members, Paul, 
AE5JU, gave them a very good overview of Ham radio and radio in 
general.  During the Thanksgiving holiday, many of them went to various 
camps, and their Scout Master came to talk to me at our special event 
station this past Saturday, showing me a "code key" he showed them how 
to make out of two paint paddles.  When these scouts arrived at our 
special event station Saturday afternoon, the CODE was uppermost in 
their minds.  The continued to "play-practice" on the one I brought out 
to the event.  One kid even asked me how much this MFJ practice 
key/oscillator cost, he was going to get himself one.
I got to thinking, how many of us have something similar that has been 
in the box or back of a shelf for 20 years, that will not be pulled out 
again.  If you have something like this, would you be willing to donate 
it so we can see that each boy has a practice key/oscillator when they 
start class some time in January.
I have attached a picture of one in particular that Radio Shack used to 
sell, I gave away all but this one, but if anyone has anything that they 
would be willing to donate, please let me know.
Also, I have attached one of the pictures of the boys gathered around to 
listen to me tell them how to place your hand on the key, send them a 
message, and just encourage them to join the class.
We will have about 15 boys, and I look for each of them to be able to 
copy and send CW well by the time the class is over.
Thank you for your help and consideration in this.
In the event I do not see you before, I wish you and your family a very 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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