[AARA] Balloon Launch Update

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sat Dec 18 09:57:19 EST 2010

Launch delayed until 10:00 AM.


*Please do not bring up the repeaters listed below using EchoLink 
nodes*, leave them disconnected, if you connect to them, I will not be 
able to link them up.  They will show *"busy"*!

If you want to link up and listen, I will have (or try to have) the 
Louisiana ARES Conference (LA_ARES) linked to the repeaters.  The 
"LA_ARES" conference node is: *390164*.

Please note some changes.

Town                     Frequency         Off set    PL 
Tone                   Node Number

Lydia                   145.41                   
-                                                           370324
Lake Charles     146.73                   -             
173.8                                    187881
Baldwin &         147.120                +            
103.5                                     392833
     Morgan City
New Orleans      146.82                   -             
114.8                                     234939

We will be using the Lake Charles repeater at Launch time, then switch 
to the Lydia repeater as the balloon moves eastward, then switch to the 
Baldwin and MC repeater as package gets near touchdown which will be 
around 11:00 AM.

I will e-mail as updates come in.

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