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Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Dec 21 07:38:40 EST 2010

*Subj: SK gear for sale*
          I have been asked to assist a widow with selling off the 
equipment owned by her late husband.
          Some of you may have known W5FRY - Hubert. He passed away in 
October. His widow is now trying to sell off his old gear - which 
includes a LOT of older military and "boat-anchor" gear.
          I will be putting out a list of some of the gear as soon as I 
can get it together. I have pictures of some of it taken today (Saturday).
          Condition of the military and most of the boat anchor gear is 
          In addition, there are numerous boxes of parts, including 
tubes, capacitors of various values, coils, meters, etc. I expect we
will try to sell the tubes, capacitors, meters, etc. as box lots rather 
than trying to separate them all out.
          Much of this gear is VERY heavy, and will be sold pick-up 
ONLY. She cannot - and I will not - try to box and ship gear that is
this heavy. I almost got back strain just moving it enough to get pictures.
          If there is something particular you are seeking that falls 
inside the parameters I have mentioned, please let me know.
I would be happy to go through the list I have (which is NOT complete) 
to see whether something there fits the bill.
          I suspect, as well, that if someone wished to make her a 
"whole lot" bid for the older gear, she would be willing to entertain
that. There are a few pieces that I am certain she will want to sell 
          These include a newer Kenwood 450S with matching PS 53 power 
supply, two Tempo One Transceivers with matching speakers, a Swan 175 
transceiver and an Alinco DR-110 2-meter transceiver.
          There are a few pieces of older citizens band equipment as 
well - including an old Lafayette HE15B crystal-controlled unit and a
couple of handhelds.
          Please watch your e-mails for the photos and listings in 
coming days.

          Anyone with questions, call me at (601) 590-0553.

Larry Wagoner - N5WLW
PRCARC Training Officer

919 Slade Road
Purvis, MS 39475

could you please post: (I believe that you had another way for this info 
to get passed but I forgot. Thanks, Kirk)

The City of New Roads has asked for Amateur Radio assistance with the 
New Roads Mardis Gras Parades. I invite all hams that can paticipate to 
come to New Roads with your families and enjoy our two Mardis Gras 
Parades. The Community Parade is the oldest parade outside of New 
Orleans. The Lions Club Parade has 30 to 40 floats along with marching 
bands. The normal population of New Roads is just under 5000 and on 
Mardis Gras Day the city boosts to over 60,000. Normal commercial 
communications is quickly over-burdened and the public service radio is 
very busy. Help is needed throughout the parade route to help spectators 
with emergencies get the information where it needs to be. Hams are also 
used in the parade to provide communictions from the head of the parade 
to the reviewing stand to help the parades flow smoothly. We ask those 
that plan on coming to contact the Pointe Coupee ARES Emergency 
Coordinator, Kirk, KN1B at kn1b at bellsouth.net . Those hams 
participateing are asked to be in New Roads by 9 am. The day is usually 
concluded between 5pm and 6 pm. Please come and have fun while being a 
Ham. The command post will be in front of City Hall on the green. Talk 
in will be on the 146.180+ (no tone) repeater.

Thank you,
Kirk Brown, KN1B
Pointe Coupee Parish ARES Emergency Coordinator

*Saturday Balloon Launch Update*

As per Nick K5QXJ, leader of the UL CAPE (*C*ajun *A*dvanced 
*P*icosatellite *E*xperiment), stated the balloon liftoff took place on 
Saturday morning at Chennault Field @ National WX Service around 10:00 
am, it rose to about 200 ft and drifted to the end of the runway and 
sank back about 50 ft into the trees  just to the right side of the 
runway.  The balloon and package was recovered by cutting down the tree 
with a chain saw.  Another try will take place in mid January 2011. Nick 
wanted to thank all that helped in this project.


Delta Division Convention &

30_^th _ Annual HAMMOND HAMFEST

800 W. University Avenue, 1 & 3/4 miles east of I-55 Exit 32
FREE admission and FREE parking

*Doors Open 8:00am  -  Grand Prize Drawing 1:30pm*
Hourly Prize Drawings

VE Session (Room 133, Downstairs Section 7):

*8:30am: *Registration Begins - Test Fee $15 cash, photo ID, copy of 
license or CSCE

  Testing Begins Following Registration.

Forums  (Room 203B, Concourse Section 1):

*9**:00 - 10:00pm: *QRP ARCI Forum**
LARRY JONESK5ZRK, QRP_ARCI <mailto:LDJones123 at bellsouth.net>

*10:00 - 11:00am: *YLRL Forum**
BETTY JO BYRD KB5CSQ, YLRL District 5 Chairman <mailto:Bettyjobyrd at aol.com>

*11:00am - 12:30pm: *ARRL Forum**
DAVE SUMNER K1ZZ, ARRL Chief Executive Officer
MICKEY COX K5MC,  Delta Division Director <mailto:k5mc at arrl.org>
GARY STRATTON K5GLS,  LA Section Manager <mailto:k5gls at arrl.org>
JIM COLEMAN AI5B,  LA ARES SEC <mailto:ai5b at arrl.net>

Dealers &  Displays <http://www.selarc.org/Vendorapplication.doc>

Click either line to download Application

Swap Tables <http://www.selarc.org/Hamfesttables.doc>

  /***  Main Prize Drawings /***

*Grand Prize *

*Icom IC-718 HF Transceiver (160 - 10 Meters) 100W, 101 Memory Channels*

*Receiver DSP, Front Panel Speaker, Digital S/RF Meter*

*Second Prize*

Icom IC-208HDual Band  55W VHF / 50W UHF Mobile Xcvr

*Wideband Receive, Detachable Front Panel, 500 Memory Channels*

*Third Prize*

Icom IC-V80002 Meter FM 75W Mobile Xcvr, 207 Memory Channels

Front Panel Speaker, Weather Alert Scan, DTMF Encoder

*Fourth Prize*

Icom IC-V80Sport 2 Meter FM 5W Handheld, 207 Memory Channels

  Weather Alert Scan, CTCSS/DTCS, Uses 6 AA Alkaline Batteries

Want to see the Prizes? Just click here. 


Contact Tyrone Burns, N5XES <mailto:n5xes at arrl.net>, Table Manager or 
Any SELARC Officer!!!

  SELARC Homepage <http://www.selarc.org/>

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