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Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Dec 28 09:33:18 EST 2010


I have for sale my Icom 718 + Icom HM 36 Mike+ a Samlex SEC-1235M Power 
Supply. This is NOT the unit that I won at the Pineville Hamfest of 
2009, but a new one that I purchased later.  I sold the first one to a 
Ham in Morgan City, Bought a Yeasu FT-450 from Leo(K5UAO) that didn't 
work, got my money back from Leo and purchased another Icom 718.

The Transceiver (and power supply) have less than 10 hours operating 
time on them, puts out a solid 100 watts on all Bands, and has no nicks 
or scrapes etc..  The power supply is rated for 35 Amps., and has both 
voltage and Amp. Meters.  The transceiver requires 20 Amps.  But, I've 
never seen over 15 Amps of "draw" from the power supply.  I've never run 
the transceiver over 65 watts output, since I was always driving some 
amplifier with it.

Since my "old" Yeasu FT-990 doesn't put out full power on 20 Meters and 
above, I want to buy a Yeasu FT-950 to replace my Icom 718 as my back-up 
rig with my Ameritron Linear Amplifier for 20 meters and above.  The 
FT-950 has a few more "bells and whistles" that I want, that the Icom 
718 doesn't have.

I paid $650.00 or +/- $660.00 including shipment for the Icom 718
I paid $139.99 or +/-150 .00 including shipment for the Samlex 1235M
Total = $790.00 or $810.00 with shipping for both.

I will sell both the Icom 718 +Microphone + the power supply for $575.00 
plus any Shipping/insurance cost.  That's 27% below cost.
I would imagine that shipment would be +/- $30.00.

311 South Philo Drive
Lafayette, Louisiana  70506
(337) 984-8972 (home)
(337) 278-8323 (cell)
pscallan at bellsouth.net <mailto:pscallan at bellsouth.net>


For Sale:  Icom IC 756 Pro III, unmodified, non-smoker with 
accessories.  More details & pic if seriously interested.

for further information contact...
balline at comcast.net <mailto:balline at comcast.net>


Delta Division Convention &

30_^th _ Annual HAMMOND HAMFEST

800 W. University Avenue, 1 & 3/4 miles east of I-55 Exit 32
FREE admission and FREE parking

*Doors Open 8:00am  -  Grand Prize Drawing 1:30pm*
Hourly Prize Drawings

VE Session (Room 133, Downstairs Section 7):

*8:30am: *Registration Begins - Test Fee $15 cash, photo ID, copy of 
license or CSCE

  Testing Begins Following Registration.

Forums  (Room 203B, Concourse Section 1):

*9**:00 - 10:00pm: *QRP ARCI Forum**
LARRY JONESK5ZRK, QRP_ARCI <mailto:LDJones123 at bellsouth.net>

*10:00 - 11:00am: *YLRL Forum**
BETTY JO BYRD KB5CSQ, YLRL District 5 Chairman <mailto:Bettyjobyrd at aol.com>

*11:00am - 12:30pm: *ARRL Forum**
DAVE SUMNER K1ZZ, ARRL Chief Executive Officer
MICKEY COX K5MC,  Delta Division Director <mailto:k5mc at arrl.org>
GARY STRATTON K5GLS,  LA Section Manager <mailto:k5gls at arrl.org>
JIM COLEMAN AI5B,  LA ARES SEC <mailto:ai5b at arrl.net>

Dealers &  Displays <http://www.selarc.org/Vendorapplication.doc>

Click either line to download Application

Swap Tables <http://www.selarc.org/Hamfesttables.doc>

  /***  Main Prize Drawings /***

*Grand Prize *

*Icom IC-718 HF Transceiver (160 - 10 Meters) 100W, 101 Memory Channels*

*Receiver DSP, Front Panel Speaker, Digital S/RF Meter*

*Second Prize*

Icom IC-208HDual Band  55W VHF / 50W UHF Mobile Xcvr

*Wideband Receive, Detachable Front Panel, 500 Memory Channels*

*Third Prize*

Icom IC-V80002 Meter FM 75W Mobile Xcvr, 207 Memory Channels

Front Panel Speaker, Weather Alert Scan, DTMF Encoder

*Fourth Prize*

Icom IC-V80Sport 2 Meter FM 5W Handheld, 207 Memory Channels

  Weather Alert Scan, CTCSS/DTCS, Uses 6 AA Alkaline Batteries

Want to see the Prizes? Just click here. 


Contact Tyrone Burns, N5XES <mailto:n5xes at arrl.net>, Table Manager or 
Any SELARC Officer!!!

  SELARC Homepage <http://www.selarc.org/>


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