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Nick Pugh K5QXJ quadpugh at bellsouth.net
Mon Nov 29 03:35:55 EST 2010

Hi Dave
I do not think the city has any height restrictions. The city might want you
to get a construction permit however most of us do not get a permit. I can't
help you with the hardware. Pat Sonier might have the guy rope.


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Hi all,


I have a couple of days off next week and despite the uncertain weather, I'm
going to try and restart my tower project and have a few questions that
someone in the club maybe able to answer:


1.       Does anyone have specific information on tower height limitations
or restrictions in the city or parish for Lafayette or a contact number to
find out the regulations? 

2.       I'm looking for 6 tower leg bolts and 2 U-bolts (for the house
bracket) for Rohn 25G.

3.       Has anyone used Phillystran for guys?  

Dave Redfearn
ARS N4ELM  Lafayette, LA

QRL? de N4ELM/qrp 


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