[AARA] Request for "Digital Opinions" (What TNC would *you* get?)

Patrick Soileau ND5C patrick at nd5c.net
Tue Oct 12 16:00:20 EDT 2010

I'm interested in getting started with Winlink/Paclink and APRS.
In the future, after this gets going, I'd like to become "digitally
active" and try some digital modes on both VHF and HF.
In the beginning, what TNC would you recommend (and why)?
(Please note:  it's not important to have "one size fits all" and
have one TNC for everything, but I was thinking that if it can be
done, it might be nice to have just a single model in the shack.)
Along those same lines, are there any that you would avoid?
Please feel free to either reply to the list from which you got this
e-mail or reply directly offlist to me at Patrick at ND5C.net .
Thanks in advance for your input!
Patrick ND5C
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