Roland Guidry rguidry at na5q.us
Thu Sep 23 10:36:47 EDT 2010

  Nick Pugh K5QXJ, asked me to put out a e-mail to AARA Members about the
"On-The-Air" meeting on the subject: "What are we going to do with AMOS".
This will take place at 7:30 PM on Monday September 27th after the AARA
Monday Night Net.  Nick will moderate.  All are asked to join in.

Nick would also like a report from those listed below that volunteered at
the last "OTA" meeting held on September 13.

     * Nick KE5MWX was to get a DOT inspection of AMOS to put it in safe and
roadworthy condition and/or a list of what will be required to put it in DOT
     *Grant KF5CNU was to get some ideas and prices on a "towed" trailer.
     *Jim N5NVP was to look into obtaining a grant from Homeland Security to
buy a new vehicle/trailer and equipment.

Anyone with any suggestions may express them at the September 27 "OTA" 


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