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Fri Apr 1 22:07:34 EDT 2011

The April 2011 issue of the Acadiana Amateur Radio Association, Inc. 
(AARA) newsletter "LARC" is now on line in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format in 
color for your viewing and printing at:

The April meeting will be held Thursday April 7th at 7:00 PM at the Red 
Cross Building, 101 N. Pat St., Scott, Louisiana.  VE testing will take 
place at 6:00 PM.  We will be making a final decision on whether to 
purchase the Special Operating Trailer which have been on the books for 
the last three meetings, so all members are asked to be there to express 
their pro's and con's on making this decision.

We will also be discussing some of the Field Day arrangements.  Glen 
KF5FNP (Field Day Chairperson) is considering renting the Rayne Civic 
Center Ballroom.  We already have the Pavilion reserved for Field Day.  
Also, a "Junk-in-the-Trunk" is planned to be part of our Field Day 
activities.  Glen will be looking for volunteers, suggestions, and 
support for this event.

I am in the process of putting about 80 pictures of our AARA Rayne 
Hamfest 2011 on our club website in the next week.  I have been very 
busy collecting, resizing and labeling them for the photo gallery.

Herman Campbell KN5GRK
AARA President

Hey Everyone,

I'm building a 2M VHF EMCOMM pack and was wondering if anyone in the Lafayette area has a Dremel
tool that i could barrow?
Also I am looking for a gel cell battery charger/float charger. I am very appreciative of any donations
to the project due to the limited budget I have.

So if anyone can help out please call me.

Thank you,

Grant KF5CNU
fdisk2053 at gmail.com


*Visiting / Learning from Others*

As someone pretty new to ham radio and who is one month away from getting my
first HF radio "Icom IC-7000" I am very interested in the possibility of
getting to visit others and their stations / shacks so that I can actually
see some of the many things I have only read about regarding antennas,
grounding, power and so on.  I'd also really enjoy the opportunity to maybe
get to watch, learn and listen to others as they actively work HF stations.

I'm not sure if this is an odd request or not but everything I have seen and
learned regarding amateur radio has come from books and what I've read on
the internet.  I have a feeling however that I'm missing out by not actually
getting to see and experience what others have and do.

I am a very shy as well as cautious person, heck I think I still have
anxiety over talking on some of the local nets fearful of doing or saying
something wrong.  I guess what I'm really seeking is maybe one of these
elusive "Elmers" I've read so much about.:-)

I will do everything I can to be at the next lunch get together
on Wednesday to hopefully meet someone who would be willing to show me the

One thing I've noticed since becoming a ham is that I'm now spotting
antennas left and right.  Amazes me some of the antennas people have in
their yards like at N5AN and just this week on my way back from Baton Rouge
I saw a ton of antennas off of I-10 that I ended up tracking down and
discovering they are part of what seems like an amateur radio mecca of sorts
for W5WMU.

For someone new like me I was mesmerized by what I was looking at from a
distance.  I can only imagine what all I can learn and see from these

Appreciate everyones time and hope I meet others soon.


Dane DeValcourt - W5DLD
dane.devalcourt at gmail.com



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