[AARA] Wanted / For Sale

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sun Jul 31 09:54:26 EDT 2011

RF Board for Yaesu FT102 Wanted

I am in need of a RF board for my Yaesu FT 102 to complete repairs.
This is the board with the socket for the 12BY7.

I am willing to purchase the whole radio if anyone has a non working rig.
(337) 364-1208
wd5cae at classicnet.net

*4 Element SteppIR For Sale*

    4el SteppIR For Sale

    SEDXC price $600

    Local Pickup only --- on the ground and available NOW.

    - 4el, 20M thru 10M
    - 7 years old (29-Mar-2004)
    - all manuals included
    - N style coax connector (factory installed)
    - 33 volt supply
    - Original tubes (they do need painting)
    - Original boots in good conditions (new set of spare boots included)
    - Original controller
    - 16 conductor cable from controller to antenna is NOT included.
    cable available from steppir
    - rig data cable included. (for FTDX9000, other rig cables available
    from steppir)
    - included is the N8LP tuning relay with manual ( sells for about $75 )
    - the antenna works fine, and is being used regularly (worked ST0R
    - pix on my antenna web page at:
    - more info at: http://www.steppir.com/Catalog.html

    This models sells for about $2,300 new. Used prices are typically
    between $800 - $1,200. I like to price low and that is why I'm only
    asking $600. In case something breaks, you can get it fixed and you
    still got a good deal.

    I'm selling the SteppIR to make space for a 3el Quad to test my
    QuadLock device. ( http://www.nn4zz.com/quadlock.htm )

    If you are interested, be the first to reply to al at nn4zz.com

    vy 73, Al



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