[AARA] Hamfest in Rayne, La.

Roland Guidry rguidry at na5q.us
Sun Mar 6 21:01:13 EST 2011

By now via national news media or by word of mouth, you have heard of the
tornado damages of last Saturday morning that occurred in Rayne. Several
homes on the north side of town were damaged along with some businesses.
There was one loss of life and a dozen injuries. Approximately 1500 persons
were evacuated to the Rayne Civic Center due to natural gas leaks coming
from damaged homes. These folks are now being returned to their homes this

My contact with the Rayne Mayor concerning the civic center indicates that
no damage was done and that we are good to go on the hamfest this weekend.
So plans are continuing for the Acadiana Amateur Radio Association to
sponsor its hamfest at the civic center in Rayne. Please pass the word to
folks you know and say a prayer for the unfortunate folks who have tornado
damage or have no home to sleep in tonight.


Roland NA5Q

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